Posted by: altmike | October 14, 2012

Challenge Yourself Starting Today

So far I’ve talked a lot about challenging yourself and proving other people wrong. These are two things that I think are very important to reaching your goals and becoming a better person. However we must keep in mind that we never want to find ourselves getting overly confident and trying to show people up.

There is a distinct difference between being cocky and being confident, calling out yourself and calling out others. Whenever someone  questions my abilities, I am very willing to prove that person wrong. I do this not to make that other person look dumb, but I do it so that I can prove it to myself. If someone tells me that they don’t think I can play badminton for instance because of my hands, then that empowers me to prove that person wrong and to substantiate my own abilities to myself. On the contrary, it would be wrong in my opinion, to go up to random people and try to show off by saying, “oh look at what I can do.” We have to live with a filter when it comes to our perceptions and our abilities. This is one thing that I have struggled with growing up because I always would go into a situation thinking that people were judging me and that the only way to get there respect was to demonstrate my abilities. I realized that this wasn’t always the case and that in many instances my misconception of the situation was leading to me coming off as arrogant.

Moving forward I learned that I had to enter every situation, whether I was meeting someone for the first time or if I had met them prior, I had to treat it the same. If people were going to challenge me then I wouldn’t back down. I would take it in stride and accomplish whatever it was to the best of my abilities. I always wanted to challenge myself as well because I never liked being complacent. It doesn’t serve the world any worth when we as individuals play small and cease to challenge ourselves.

Starting today, challenge yourself in some aspect of your life. Whether its taking up a hobby that you have always wanted to do or expanding your skills in your field, challenge yourself to accomplish it. When people question your abilities, prove them wrong but don’t show off. Most importantly, always stay humble; we are all unique, but we are all equal and deserve to be treated with respect.

Can’t is not an Excuse



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