Posted by: altmike | October 21, 2012

Earn your Success

People say every day that they want to be successful; but what does that word really mean? Think about it, does success mean that you make over a certain amount of money, or is success based on physical assets. If you were to ask most high school kids and college kids what success means to them, many of them would reply with the narrative that we hear in our culture today; that success means how much money you have and how many people know your name.  The problem is, is that in reality those “things” are merely the rewards of success and not success itself.

Everyone’s idea of success is different, there is no blueprint for success, and if there was then everyone would be successful. The first thing you have to ask yourself is what are you passionate about. What are you willing to sacrifice everything for to be your idea of successful? Once that question is answered, then you have to commit to it 110%. To this day I can’t fathom how people expect success, but are unwilling to work for it. Anything that you have received or any opportunities that have become available should be the result of your hard work and should have been earned. if you aren’t willing to work your ass off to accomplish something then you sure don’t deserve any rewards that come as a result. There are those who say that they want to be famous or they want to be a business owner or an actress, but the question is, what are you doing right now that is helping you get to that point. If you want something then go get it, no one to my knowledge has ever gotten a record deal from only singing in the shower. You have to put yourself out there in this world and earn what it is that you want. That is how word of mouth is created and how opportunities are created.

You are only going to be successful when you don’t have to get to the point that you don’t have to get paid for what you do. When you are satisfied enough by what you accomplish every day and not by the dollar sign attached to it. It’s time that we create our own success and work for it every day until we get it. Nothing is ever handed to you on a silver platter and that is why success is a commodity that only those who deserve it, receive it.

My challenge to you, is to look at yourself in the mirror today and ask yourself whether or not you are giving it everything you have to be successful and be who you want to be. Make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons and never expect to receive anything that you haven’t worked for first!

Can’t is not an Excuse



  1. My question back to you is: do you believe everyone knows or understands what their definition of success is? I don’t think everyone does because I think only the ones that break through that barrier are and will be successful.

    One must follow their heart and trust that everything will come together in end, thus leading them down the right path. Otherwise, how would one know what their true passion is? So, then is it simply fear that holds a person back– is fear leading the blind? Perhaps this is why some expect more than they appear to work for.

    • That is an excellent point. You just inspired my next post! Thanks

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