Posted by: altmike | November 1, 2012

Fear Should Not Inhibit Potential

There is one word that is the biggest reason why goals are not accomplished. Why ideas are never executed and why success is never reached. That word is Fear. Fear holds us back from our full potential. It is a word that is used to impede our future. We fear the unknown and what possibilities await us. It is this fear that makes us stop when we have a good idea and not pursue it further. We are scared of what we actually capable of.

I can assure you that everyone has feared doing or pursuing a goal further than they had. Most of us have had that moment where we say to ourselves “I really want to change my career, or I want to take up this hobby,” but we don’t take that next step. We think, well what happens if I fail? What if I spend a bunch of money trying to do this and it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to? As cliché as it sounds, you don’t know until you try. Last time I checked, effort doesn’t cost a penny and the result of human desire pays dividends. There is no shortage of people with brilliant ideas, but few with the courage to achieve them. It is the people that stand up and separate themselves from the crowd that we hear about in the papers. As a society we have let go of the notion that “Failure” is the end all be all, its not. In the words of Thomas Edsion when asked about failing to create the incandescent light bulb he said, “I didn’t fail, I just found 2,000 ways not to make a light bulb.”

Failure is not a bad thing and we cannot fear it. We have to use it as a learning tool and move forward. The fact is that we are given seldom chances in life to do something truly remarkable and if we keep making excuses out of fear then those opportunities will be nonexistent. If we keep telling ourselves that we will just wait until we have more time or until next summer or next year to embark upon our goals, then we subconsciously forgo new opportunities that could have come to fruition.

I honestly feared doing this blog because it required me to step out my comfort zone. It forced me to discuss a topic that for years was unsettling to talk about publicly. However it was the best thing I ever did because I have connected with and met more people through this than any other medium in my life. I realized that the fear is irrational because it is not about me…it’s about you. The reward of others motivation is far superior to any sense of fear or failure I might have felt.

Realize that your fear to accomplish a feat can be overcome. We have to make it less about us and focus more on the common goal or the outcome. Don’t worry about what other people think because as long as you put in 110% effort and believe in yourself then there are no limits to your potential. Break through that barrier of fear and be remarkable!

Can’t is not an Excuse



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