Posted by: altmike | November 3, 2012

3 Ways to stay Motivated


The hardest thing sometimes can be trying to stay motivated. Whether it’s working out, doing college papers or being a motivated employee, it seems as though we all lose sight sometimes of the main goal. With everything going on in society today, we often get caught up in the fast paced, “Multitasking”  world that we live in. we begin to get complacent and start going with the ritual flow of our day, but to accomplish more and reach our goals we have to shake that off and refocus. The best thing that we can do to regroup first is to slow down, take a breath and do the following:

Focus on the bigger picture:

All too often we let time and negative influences heavily weigh on our motivational drive when our goal isn’t attainable right away. If say we are working towards a promotion, but that promotion won’t be available for another six months, we do two things. One, we become extra motivated at the start because the idea of the promotion is new and exciting and we receive instant motivation. Second, in the following days and weeks we get a “motivation hang over” where we begin to fall in to our normal routine because we aren’t instantly rewarded or gratified. So we let any little negative thing that crosses our path make us rethink whether or not the promotion is really possible…We have to pull ourselves up with positive thinking and by making daily goals for ourselves so that we not only feel that instant gratification but also so that we are continually working towards the main goal of the promotion.

Why not me and why not now:

We need to remember that as every day passes where we aren’t working towards something, we are losing precious time. Not only from the fact that tomorrow is never a sure thing but also from the standpoint of, who knows whether or not someone else is about to do what you were working on and it leads to you missing your shot. We never know what tomorrow brings so we need to remind ourselves that we have to use every moment we can to work towards our goals.

Remember your influences:

What would your significant other think if you stopped pursuing your dreams? Would your mom be proud of you if you just quit on a project half way through? Always remember the people closest to you and remind yourself that no matter what you do, always try to make them proud. They should be your main source of motivation.

Continue to better yourself and work towards your goals. When your motivation starts to dissipate, then remember what and who is important to you. What motivates you? Leave a comment and put your sources of motivation to good use starting now!

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  1. great post, Mike!

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