Posted by: altmike | November 16, 2012

You are Strong Enough to Persevere

Recently I have been receiving a lot of excellent feedback regarding some of the talking points that I have been discussing. Others have come to me and told me their story and where they are at with their obstacles when they sit down and read my blog. I appreciate the feedback and love hearing about other people’s stories because that inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing so I definitely encourage that. Having said that, from the stories I have heard I am realizing that people’s obstacles come in all shapes and sizes that not even I had considered when I started blogging.

What makes people unique is their differences. If we all looked the same, talked the same and did the same things, then life would be flat out boring. Within those differences come challenges and obstacles. And how we persevere is different for every individual. There is no one cure for everyone’s heart ache or one universal solution for everyone’s struggle. In many circumstances we have to find our own way because there is not a single person in the world that is the same as you that can tell you all of the answers and show you what to do. So instead we have to write our own script, and for many that is what determines what kind of people we are going to turn out to be.

For some of my readers this may sound like a very lonely place to find yourself in when you face a challenge. But don’t fear it, embrace it. Treat every experience as a life lesson and as a building block. If your struggle is self-image like it was for me, then understand that one, you are not alone. Two, the world is only going to see you for how you see yourself. If you hide any aspect of your image and keep your head down then understand that that is the image by which the world will perceive you. If your obstacle is that you just lost your job and you are struggling to pay the bills. Realize that unemployment is not a life sentence, you are the one that controls your future and it is based on your effort as to how long it takes that next job opportunity to come.

There are numerous examples of people who prosper and have a positive virtuous outlook on life and those who don’t. Every decision we makes determines how we are looked at in the eyes of others and how we look at ourselves. Embrace change when it is for the betterment of yourself and others around you.

All my readers should take a step back right now and embrace the obstacle you see in front of you. Start making choices that better your situation and doesn’t keep you in the same position you are now. Develop a plan that you fulfill through daily goals to overcome your obstacle. Lastly and most importantly, smile and start living with a positive outlook on life. You can do anything you set your mind to and never say you can’t do something!

Can’t is not an Excuse


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