Posted by: altmike | November 17, 2012

Inspiration: Jack’s Heat

E:60 Jack’s Heat Video

Last month I watched one of the most heartfelt shows I had ever seen. As I surfed through the channels I clicked over to my favorite channel on TV  ESPN (Big shock I’m sure). On it, was the show E-60 that tells about the best stories in sports. This show was called “Jack’s Heat” and it inspired me so much when it was over.

The story was about a young 18 year old man that attends Del Oro high school named Jack Burleson. Jack was born with a rare disease named Oral Facial Digital Syndrome (OFD) that affects 1 in 250,000 births. This disease affected Jacks intellectual ability as well as his facial functions and eye sight. He was very slow to develop and was picked on a lot as a kid. He wasn’t accepted like everyone else, he didn’t really have any friends and didn’t participate in school activities. His brother was born with the same disease but to of a lesser degree. His brother Alex ran track and invited Jack to come out as well.

The coaches designed a race Jacks sophomore year so that at the end of the meet he could run alone and have his own race. He pushed himself so hard that he ran out of his own shoes. He didn’t run in another race again until his senior year but showed up to every practice. His senior year they came up with another idea. They had Jack run a race but this time with all of his teammates. He would start the race and all of the other runners would lag behind just a little so that jack would come in first. Pretty soon kids from other schools want to join in as well. He became an inspiration to his teammates and to the students of other schools. His race made him friends and gave him confidence as well. He was able to be accepted and participate in something that he loved just like every other kid. It gave him the ability to accomplish something and sense of belonging. Going from a shy sophomore who kept to himself; to an outgoing senior that partipiated in every school activity that he could. His story is amazing and inspiring to anyone that watches.

I have included the link to the segment on his story. All of my readers should go watch it because you will be a better person with a different perspective after it is done. Don’t let anything stop you. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Can’t is not an Excuse



  1. such an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing!

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