Posted by: altmike | November 24, 2012

The Choices we make mold our Character

I have always been a big believer in karma. I feel what goes around definitely comes around, and those choices that you make mold your perceived character. I think that making the right choice is far better than making the more favorable choice. For instance, if you see someone trip and all of their papers fly everywhere, the more favorable and easier choice to make is to just keep walking and assume that someone else will help that person; Instead of making the right choice and actually stopping to help that person. Even though it may take only seconds out of our day, tasks like this seem to be out of the question in our busy schedule.

These choices that we make determine whether we are seen as being dependable, caring and honest. These are traits that we all want associated with our name however they have to be earned. We don’t give these characteristics to people if they have not demonstrated them to you. The people who do attain these qualities are types of people that we should keep in our lives and learn from.

Why not go that extra step to show someone that you care?

If a person you knew but not very well, called asking for a favor that would only cost you a little time and effort, would you call them back or act like you never received the call?

“Oh I got that one thing to do, at that one place on that day or else I would help you,” This is our favorite excuse that we all make when we don’t see an immediate personal benefit.

Being selfless during key circumstances can benefit you more than you will ever fathom. Its about doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Karma can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Whether you believe in karma or not the fact is when other people hear or see your actions, they speak for themselves and that determines what your character looks like in their eyes.

All of my readers should think about the choices they make and doing things that benefit others even when there isn’t and personal reward. Strive to have those qualities that others appreciate and look for in others and take time out of your day to help a stranger.

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