Posted by: altmike | December 8, 2012

Put it into Perspective


We often don’t view  life in the perspective we should. Too many times we get caught up with what we believe is the important things in life when really they aren’t. It takes something dramatic to happen in our lives for us to put things back into perspective. Why is this so? How is that when we see or hear of something dramatic we stop ourselves, take a step back and rethink how we view the world. Yet that mindset soon fades as we get back into our normal routine.

Brooklyn1My sister just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on December 3rd. She is a blessing and I am so proud to be an uncle for a second time. As of right now she is hooked up to every monitor and machine known to pediatric medicine because she has a rare heart condition. While we go through our daily lives and complain about things that seem so inconsequential, she is fighting for every  breath of air she takes. She has yet to utter her first word, yet I know that this 4 day old miracle baby is stronger than half of the people I see walk past me on a daily basis. She has been tested more in four days than most of us will be in our entire lives and like Kanye West says “That that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.”

I share this story not in the hopes to receive sympathy, but in the hopes that my readers understand perspective. We are all capable of extraordinary things, some of us are put at more of a disadvantage than others. However it is not how we start, but how we finish that counts. I hope that a story like this does make you take a step back and rethink how you look at the world, not just for the moment, this day or this week, but for the rest of your life. Remember, that every one of us has a purpose. Take advantage of every moment you have because no one know what tomorrow brings. Today, a breath might seem second nature, but tomorrow could seem like the only thing that matters in the world.

Make today the day you begin your quest. Make today the day when that “moment” you have been waiting for comes to fruition.  If there is one thing that my newborn niece has taught me is that life is precious and tomorrow is not a guarantee, so take advantage of every opportunity you get. Believe in yourself and trust your abilities because the sky is the limit for your potential.

Can’t is not an Excuse



  1. Just beautiful!

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