Posted by: altmike | January 28, 2013

The Equation for Happiness


Ever wake up in the morning thinking “wow, I don’t even want this day to start.” You wish the day away before it’s even had an opportunity to begin. Maybe it’s because we are tired from the day before. Maybe it’s because we have to work today and we don’t feel like going. It could just be because we honestly have nothing planned and lying in bed sounds like a pretty good alternative to anything else. If you wake up with a case of the Mondays then my friend I am here to tell you that you are not alone. We all have those days, but what I am learning is that many people are having a case of the Mondays on every day of the week. We need to change that.

It is scientifically proven that when we do something that satisfies us or brings us joy our brain gets this automatic shot of  dopamine. Dopamine is  neurotransmitter in our brain that sends chemicals to the parts of our brain that makes us feel rewarded and happy. Studies have shown that we are more likely to repeat an action that makes us feel good because we want to get that surge of dopamine to brain again. So why do we let ourselves get in the way of our own happiness. Obviously there are times when we just aren’t producing up to snuff, but rather than dwell in our sorrows of unproductiveness, why don’t we work the system in our favor. If someone has the passion for running then whenever they start to feel unmotivated that person should make time to go run to make themselves feel better. It seems logical to me. However that isn’t what people do.

Most people when they get to that point start making excuses or start to slowly but surely quit on themselves. When asked why didn’t they go running to make themselves feel better, they automatically start using time or family or work as an excuse as to why they couldn’t get out there on the pavement. Then those same people question why they feel so “down in the dumps” and feel like “they hit a wall” or “they are in a rut.” I hate to break it to you, but it is our own decisions that make us feel this way. It’s the equation to happiness. If we continuously do the things that bring us joy we will intrinsically be rewarded  see ourselves as successful individuals. Not only that, you will exude your new found joy to others, which will in turn make you a much more likeable and confident human being.

The choices we make every day determine whether or not we wake up the next morning with a positive attitude or still stuck in a rut. It is no one else’s fault but ours if we are feeling down because subconsciously we know exactly what will make us happy again.

I want all my readers to think about which activities they partake in or which people they surround themselves with that makes them happy; that gives them that surge of dopamine. Then as we find ourselves going through our daily grind, we will know how to fix the moments of sluggishness. Don’t make excuses, be the best and happiest person you can be because when you are operating at your full potential, everyone around you benefits!

Can’t is not an Excuse


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