Posted by: altmike | March 7, 2013

HTFU…A Truly Motivational Brand

Htfu Logo

Two years ago a friend of mine told me to go look up a Facebook page about a company that is extremely inspirational. He told me their name was “HTFU”…I pondered for a moment to try to think of what the acronym stood for and after a few minutes I had to ask my friend what it meant. He told me that it stood for “Harden The Fuck Up.” A smile became immersed on my face and I instantly loved the company just by its name. I researched their company, viewed their products and bought a wrist band that night. From that day on, I was hooked.

HTFU is a company that sells apparel targeted at people who never give up, who push themselves to their boundaries and then push a little further. It is a company, but more importantly it is a brand that people embody. It is not just a slogan; it is a lifestyle that anyone living it will tell you, that it is in the back of their mind every time things get a little tough in life.

“I’ve been working all day and am too tired to go to the gym, I’ll go tomorrow,”….2 minutes later that little voice in the back of your mind says “HTFU”…1 minute later that person is in their car headed to the gym!

They are still regarded as a small company but their brand and their message is enormous beyond words. They use sex appeal and a very direct marketing approach, but it is done in a tasteful manner. They show women that are in shape and obviously work on being fit; not just a bunch of skinny models. One thing they do very well is create slogans and phrases that they put on their t-shirts, shorts, photos, etc. that truly inspire the customer. The people who buy their product are proud of every purchase they make because they know that it’s not just another t-shirt that they are going to throw in the back of their closet; it’s a shirt that will become their favorite shirt and make them connect with the brand in a way that other more well-known companies can’t.

htfu 2

Not only is their message great, they are charitable as well. They sell their wristbands on their website for $6.00 and at  the end of the year when all of their production and manufacturing are costs are paid, they give the residual to charity. Here is a quote direct from their site, “HTFU has always believed giving to be just as important as growing…and therefore the reason we carve out proceeds from the sales of the wristband at the end of the year and give back to a charitable foundation we select.”

I was given the opportunity a few weeks ago to talk on the phone with the CEO of the company, Mark Gringrich. Through just a 20 minute conversation about understanding the company better from a business sense, I can now understand why this company is growing so quickly and becoming so successful. It is because the man behind the operation is one of the most humble individuals I have ever had a conversation with. I could hear the passion in his voice as he talked about the roots of the company and how much hard work he had to put in to make it what it is today.

Every time I feel discouraged or like I can’t push myself any further…I look down at my wristband and push myself until I have accomplished my goal!

htfu wristband Mike Alt

All my readers need to go check out the website and see what a great motivational brand it really is for yourselves. Here is the link to my favorite product they have on their website…What’s yours? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I like the decals. They have “good ju ju.” All the other stuff is cool too.
    See you tomorrow. Reverand Stephanie

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