Posted by: altmike | March 27, 2013

A Truly Defining Moment

When we are at our lowest moments the simplest things make the biggest difference. A phone call can feel as though someone is right by your side, a text can feel like a hug and when someone who is actually there by your side can mean the world to you. With everything that goes on in our daily lives it usually takes a sudden change or a defining moment to realize how much the little things really mean

securedownload (1)        Ironically last week I had to read a do a book report on a book called Defining Moments. Little did I know that I would have a defining moment in my life that same week. The passing of my baby niece Brooklyn last week changed my perspective and life in ways that are unexplainable except by over used phrases. “It put everything into perspective,” or “it changed my outlook.” We say these things but it takes a truly defining moment for you to realize the magnitude of the statement that you just uttered. I can say without equivocation that my outlook really has changed and not in the ways that may be expected. I see people differently; I see the beauty in things that I would normally overlook. I see the true inner spirit of people who truly care and want to see others in nothing but good spirits. May it be family, friends or mere acquaintances, I am grateful for their kind words and selflessness that they have bestowed upon my family. People at the drop of a hat not only offered but did whatever they could to try to mend a situation of heartache.

securedownload  Why is it that it takes a tragic event for people to come together? Can’t we extend our hand at any given moment even if it is just to listen or are we to caught up in the routine. The perspective that I have gained is this; be kind to others, not for just the sake of the word but instead because kindness changes lives. It brings those who are in sorrow to have a smile on their face in a matter of moments. Let my defining moment exemplify for those who have not yet experienced this realization that your daily actions impact others in ways you could never imagine. Let that impact be a positive one. Don’t say you are going to do something and then not follow through, conduct random acts of kindness for no reason other than trying to brighten somebodies day and above all, help and lend yourself to others without being asked.

We never know what tomorrow holds, so hold those who are close to you. I have said it before, but a baby that wasn’t even old enough utter my name taught me more about life than a man who has spoken a million words.


I love you Brooklyn, always and forever

Can’t is Not an Excuse


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