Posted by: altmike | June 5, 2013

Put in the Work


My newest challenge for myself is training for a duathlon coming up on July 7th. I have just gotten into biking and making the transition from running to biking has definitely helped me get into better shape. To train, I do a road rage bike class at my gym every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30am. If you know me, then you know I’m not a big fan of waking up early and when it comes to being places on time, it usually a stretch. If I can show up 5 minutes late to a function, people are usually impressed. However for some reason when it comes to these early classes I can always get there right on time and I’m ready to work.

Today was no different, I showed up and was ready to get something out of the hard work that I was about to put in. About half way through the class I started to realize something. As I was literally creating a lake of sweat under my bike (No exaggeration, I’m surprised they didn’t call a custodian for “clean up on isle Mike”). I began to look around at the other people in the class. Mind you there was about seven other sleep deprived crazy people in the class with me. I glanced to my right and see one guy yawning going about half speed of what he should be. Then I look in the mirror to see that the person behind me is sitting straight up on their stationary bike texting. Mind you, we are about half way through the class with the overly excited instructor yelling at us to “Push it!!!”

This is what I came to realize, that if I am going to wake up that early to go to a voluntarily class, you better believe that I am going to work my ass off to get something out of it. What is the point of doing something half ass? When was the last time you heard someone say, “so I just invented the greatest thing since sliced bread and I was only putting in a fraction of the effort I could have been”…no one says that. I hear more people say this, “Ya I really wasn’t even trying, and that’s why I didn’t do so well. But had I given it my full effort, then I would have done a lot better.”

road rage can'tThe difference between these two statements is the effort that you put in to something. Showing up isn’t enough. Just going to the gym and walking in the door does not count as you actually putting in the work and having a good workout. Whatever you do, you have to take something away from it to better yourself, which is the only way that you excel.  This is the same thing in life and in the work place. If I were to go to a business meeting and completely tune out the boss and not listen to a thing he or she has to say, then at the end of the meeting say to myself “Well that was a waste of time, I’m glad that’s over.” By doing that I am not bettering myself, however the guy next to me who was engaged in the meeting and took notes and left the meeting gaining new insight is going to be one step closer to a promotion than I am because he is willing to be engaged and put in the work. It’s really as simple as that.

Moral of the story, if you are going to do something, then give it your all. Don’t only go half speed because it’s uncomfortable or because “You just don’t feel like it today.” Give every activity, every meeting, and every project 110% because you never know who is watching and who you may inspire to not give up.

Can’t is not an Excuse



  1. You. You are an amazing and wise young man. My son’s foot was affected by amniotic bands. As he gets older and begins to have more questions about his “difference”, I am glad to know there are amazing individuals like yourself he can relate to and be inspired by. Thank you.

  2. “If you are going to do something, then give it your all.” Wise advice. I am also at times guilty of going into meeting and wish that it could finished fast. Reading your blog reminds me I should really engaged in it or else I am only wasting my own time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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