Posted by: altmike | August 22, 2013

What If the word “Can’t” was Erased from our Vocabulary

What if?…

What if the word can’t, really did not exist in our everyday language? When put in a situation where we had to tell someone that we were unable to complete a task, instead of saying “I can’t” you say, “I’m not able to at this time” or “I’m not that good at it, but I’ll try”

You see, when we say “Can’t” we really mean, “I don’t want to discuss this topic and I really don’t want to put forth any effort whatsoever, so I will say that I can’t do it to deflect attention away from me.” Instead of using this excuse every time an activity or subject comes up that we are uneasy about, why don’t we say “I will try it” or “I’m not able to do it just yet, but give me some time to practice and I will be able do it.”


The word Can’t is not just a word, it’s much more than that. It carries meaning, it provides insight on character and in every case, it is followed up by closed mindedness and a sense of self-doubt. If by just saying a simple word, you could get off the hook, how amazing would that be? But the word can’t is not that miracle word, it is merely a veil that you throw over other people’s faces in hopes that they will not see you for your weaknesses and only how you want to be seen. On the other end, the message is just the opposite…

When you hear the word cant, subconsciously you lose a little respect for the other person, or at least you should. The word Can’t carries a negative connotation that never helps the sender nor the receiver, it is just a filler. When I hear others say it, I truly question their motives, I question their heart. If there was a .0001% chance that they could do what they say they can’t and they truly had heart then the word “Can’t” would never even cross their mind.

Often times we think that with the murmur of this word and a slight shrug of the shoulders that we are set free from ever facing that question again, but we aren’t. Think to yourself, when you use the word can’t; CAN you really do what is being asked of you or are you just taking the easy road? Are you fully incapable of ever doing what is being suggested to you, not now nor in the future…or are you just making an excuse?

Can’t is not a life sentence

Can’t is a challenge

Can’t is an opportunity for success

Can’t is Not an Excuse


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