Posted by: altmike | July 8, 2014

Back At It!

Can't excuse dust-off

Is this thing on?!…After a long stint of no posts, not being inspirational and not giving my followers anything to push them towards their goals, it’s time to blow off the dust and fulfill my promise!

My goal all along has been to connect with families of limb difference individuals and those without…so basically everyone. I have always believed that my story of perseverance could translate to every individual out there because if one thing is true, it is that we all battle challenges. Whether that’s a limb difference or just putting food on the table, our struggle is real and it is unique to every single person. Over the past few months, I have had much time to think about this and I never lost sight of it. However what I did do was lose sight of the reason why I do what I do in the first place and like many of us used the “well I will get to it tomorrow” statement. I did what I preached against and I slightly lost that fire…But…the fire never got put out and I am here now to prove that!

I thought about this first post for a while and I kept thinking that it had to be perfect but I forgot about my own first rule…Show Up. Before I can do anything perfect I have to show up. I have to get the message out there again. It’s not the fact that we fall off the horse, it’s about getting back up and going again. There are many who never get going again though…They let their dreams essentially die, all it takes is that first step to get going again. It is certainly the hardest step but the one that you will look back on and be grateful you did it when you did.

So in two words…I’m Back! And now more than ever it is time to dig in and change the world! It’s all about making a difference and hopefully motivating anyone and everyone who utters the words “Can’t is not an Excuse.” So…what goal have you lost sight of? Think about your own personal life and your dream! The fire is still there, the dream is still there and now I’ts time to put it back into motion again!

Can’t is Not an Excuse



  1. The transparency and humble nature of this post is absolutely fabulous. I love the reminder that simply showing up can be the most critical step. It is so easy to hesitate when that sneaky fear of failure or anything less than perfection creeps in but everyone and everything has to start somewhere!

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