Posted by: altmike | October 23, 2014

Don’t Let the Couch Kill your Dreams

c not e couch

Let’s be honest…most of us are inherently lazy creatures that derive our motivation from glimpses of seeked out inspiration from outside sources. This may hurt some of us to accept but the fact is true. Every desire, aspiration and goal takes a backseat to what benefits us in the moment. If what we can do in the moment takes less effort than what we should be doing to attain our goal than we choose the road most traveled.

So how in the heck do we combat these urges to stay on the couch and fill our head with excuses that make our lives “easier”. We first have to understand that we can and will be lazy at times. Even yours truly falls into the lazy coma every so often to where I would rather use my current circumstance as an excuse than use it as motivation.

The couch is responsible for more killed dreams than any other piece of furniture in your home. It promises relaxation and ease of mind by just resting upon it for a few moments. However, as it sucks you into this passive and free state of mind, you slowly lose grasp of those minutes, hours…days, that could have been used to propel you further in life. The couch does not allow for opportunities, it kills them. Go to a junk yard and look at a couch…behind the tattered cushions and tears, you will see a cemetery of goals that never came to fruition, million dollar ideas that were worth no more than the penny that slipped through the lining.

The way to get around it?…Think about the you in 10 years…think about your perception of yourself if you were to continue on your path and not take risks, not get your act together and live in complacency. Your own opinion and perception of yourself is going to way heaviest on your conscious of what could have been; what should have been. The influence on others that could have happened, had you got your act together in just one of those 365 days that you were given per year.

Can’t is Not an Excuse


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